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Hydro-Vac Services

When you consider the dangers involved with mechanical excavation in today’s many industries, you’ll understand why this is our founding and flagship “wise” service!  Hydro-excavation uses high pressure water and a powerful vacuum boom to non-destructively dig and clean. Our experienced and well trained operators, coupled with quality equipment, are committed to providing a safe and efficient alternative in cleaning and excavation.

Applications – Click the links to view photos.
Pot Holing – Safely uncover underground dangers
• Trenching – Excavate up to 30 ft. deep and 300 ft. away
Spill Cleanup – Effective waste cleanup and disposal
Tank Cleaning – Quickly remove debris from tanks
Cleanout Service – Clean culverts, pits and sumps


Industrial Insulation

Our greenest “wise” service is industrial insulation.  We are assisting companies in reducing their carbon footprints by utilizing a variety of insulation applications to conserve energy and reduce emissions.  The latest and top quality products are used to ensure that energy loss is minimal thereby reducing a client’s potential for costly “freeze ups” and delays to production.   In addition, we specialize in metal jacketing to cover insulation which adds not only protection, but a quality professional appearance as well. Custom insulation pads provide another option to insulate; they are professionally manufactured to the specific needs of the client and can protect even the most difficult jobs.


• Pipe insulation
• Storage tank insulation
• Thermal/cryogenic
• Custom soft pads
• Metal jacketing
• Scaffold erection

Photos – Click the links to view photos.
Insulation 1  •  Insulation 2  •  Insulation 3  •  Tank  •  Tank 2


Dry Ice Blasting

A “wise” alternative to traditional abrasive blasting used in cleaning and prepping surfaces, this type of blasting uses dry ice at high pressures to remove unwanted build-up or contaminants.  Its benefit over other blasting, in most cases, is that the dry ice and contaminants explode into a gaseous form, leaving virtually no residue behind to cleanup.

Things to consider – Click the links to view photos.

• Environmentally-friendly
• No solvents or abrasive media to clean up
• Clean in place without shutdown or disassembly
• Non-abrasive, non-flammable and non-conductive
• Remove production residues, contaminants, grease, oil and even mold among many other things

Photos – Click the links to view photos.
Dry Ice  •  Before/After 1  •  Before/After 2



Dehy Cleaning

Dehy cleaning is a “wise” investment in preventative maintenance.  Dehydration and separator units used to remove water vapor from natural gas during production, often require maintenance and cleaning to improve gas flow.  Our qualified technicians are trained to inspect fire tubes, remove spent Triethylene Glycol (TEG), clean the units of any buildup and re-fill the units with new TEG.

Things to consider

• Regular maintenance and service assures maximum performance
• Our dehy cleaning technology and equipment is capable of handling some of the largest units
• Our knuckle boom cranes can pull a fire tube from a distance 40’ for those tough to reach units
• Our Lead & Assistant Techs are certified in rigging and crane operating


Photos – Click the links to view photos.
Dehy 1  •  Dehy 2  •  Dehy 3  •  Dehy Truck




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