Hydro-Vac Services

When you consider the dangers involved with mechanical excavation in today’s many industries, you’ll understand why this is our founding and flagship service.  Hydro-excavation uses high pressure water and a powerful vacuum boom to non-destructively dig and clean.  Our experienced and well trained operators, coupled with quality equipment, are committed to providing a safe and efficient alternative in cleaning and excavation.  


  • Pot Holing – Safely uncover underground dangers 

  • Spill Cleanup – Effective waste cleanup and disposal

  • Tank Cleaning – Quickly remove debris from tanks

  • Cleanout Service – Clean culverts, pits and sumps

  • Rig Cleaning - Effectively clean both water based and oil based rigs

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Corporate Headquarters

PO BOX 427
Lyman, WY 82937

Phone: 307-787-6021
Fax: 307-787-6041

Email: info@wiseusa.biz

Western Wyoming

541 Highway 413
Lyman, WY 82937

Main: 307-787-6021
Safety: 701-300-0594
Dispatch: 307-747-9482

North Dakota

605 24th Ave SW
Watford City, ND 58854

Management: 701-527-4134

Safety: 406-321-1858
Dispatch: 605-569-6801

Ohio - Also Servicing Pennsylvania & West Virginia

81 Industrial Park Lane
Beech Bottom, WV 26030

Management: 701-301-1491
Job Opportunities: 570-404-4394
Safety: 570-439-1217
Dispatch: 570-404-4394

Eastern Wyoming

105 Richfield Ct
Wright, WY 82732

Management: 307-709-4499
Safety: 406-321-1858
Dispatch: 307-747-5096


910 East Collins
Eaton, CO 80615

Management: 970-347-5900
Safety: 970-373-7342
Dispatch: 970-573-1200


Fluids Hauling

Equipped with a growing fleet of current trucks, we have the ability to service our clients with dedicated equipment to move fluids.  We employ both 110 bbl straight trucks as well as 130bbl – 164bbl tank trailers pulled by semis.  The variety allows us to efficiently complete each individual job as requested by our clients.   Our units can be dedicated to only hauling specific materials on any given job allowing us to provide “clean” trucks on demand as the occasion arises.  Because our fleet has grown to a respectable size over the last few years, we are often able to service an entire haul thus reducing the need for several contractors on one job.


  • Frac Water Hauling

  • Fluid/mud transfers

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Other Hauling

Wise Services has recently added additional trucking units to further support our clients in a variety of applications.  With the use of both straight body dump trucks as well as side dump trailers we are able to haul a variety of materials including dirt and gravel to and from locations.  By hauling solidifying materials such as fly ash or green sawdust we are also able to aide our clients with remediation as solidified materials are then moved to land farms.  With the addition of drop deck and flat bed trailers, we also provide clients with an economical way to move other items such as equipment and pipe as needed.


  • Dump Trucks

  • Side Dump Trailers

  • Step Deck Tail Roll

  • Drop Deck Trailers


Other Services

Wise Services offers a variety of other services to our clients.  Like in all of our applications, our dedication to safety and client satisfaction allows us to competitively satisfy the needs of any given customer in many circumstances.  

Other Services

  • Roustabout - Our employees are trained in many different applications and can meet a variety of criteria from location to location

  • Pressure Washing - Often used to aid in complete rig washes our pressure washers can work in tandem with our hydrovac trucks to ensure a more thorough wash of rigs before transportation.

  • Dry Ice Blasting - A relatively new technology that allows for industrial cleaning without the mess that often accompanies applications such as sand blasting.  The environmentally friendly application allows us to clean equipment in place without shutdown or disassembly and can be used to remove production residue, contaminants, grease, oil and even mold.

  • Dehy Cleaning - cleaning and maintenance of dehydration units used in the field to remove water vapor from natural gas production.