The safe application of all or our services is our number one priority.  Employees are trained on the importance of safety from the first day of their employment.  Our greatest endeavor is to help ensure that all parties have the ability to return home each day without incident.  Our respect for the health and safety of our employees as well as our constant concern for the environment in which we live, work, and play directs our actions each and every day.

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Management's Commitment to Safety

WISE Services, Inc. recognizes its responsibility and accountability for the protection of each employee and the preservation of property, equipment, and the environment.  As such, it is WISE Services, Inc.’s policy to incorporate safeguards and procedures that will minimize risks of personal injury and loss of, or damage to, people, property and equipment, and the environment during the performance of all WISE Services, Inc.’s activities.

Each member of management and supervision is responsible and accountable for the safety and safe work conduct of all employees under their supervision.  WISE Services, Inc. is responsible for providing and maintaining a safe and healthful work environment where all hazards are identified, analyzed and eliminated or controlled and supplemented by a pro-active and aggressive safety and health program.  Each manager shall comply with the safety and health laws and regulations as they apply to their respective operations.

Each employee is expected to observe established safe practices, use the safety equipment and devices provided and conduct themselves in a manner that assures their safety and that of their fellow employees.  All employees are responsible for assisting in the safety and health program by participating in training activities and immediately reporting any unsafe practices, procedures or conditions observed to their Manager.

Commitment to and participation in this program by all levels of WISE Services, Inc. employees is essential to employment with WISE Services, Inc. Any recommendations to improve the Safety and Health Programs are encouraged.

Safety Statistics


Compliance Websites

With the help or the clients for whom we work, we have been able to implement a high standard of safety throughout Wise Services.   Safety has truly become a culture of our everyday lives.  Our participation in compliance websites allows much of our safety information to be compiled at one central location and reviewed by a common standard allowing a variety of clients to evaluate the material.  

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